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Some are born to govern.
Most are born to be governed.
A few
Are simply ungovernable.


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GammaRat: derived from the scientific observation of personality. In rats (as well as other sebtient beings) there are two primary groups - alpha personalities, who want to dominate, and beta personalities, who like to be dominated. The third sort - the gamma personalities - are the ones they don't want you to know about...


"There are times when I am horribly afraid of looking at my canvases for fear of finding a monster instead of the jewel I thought I had made...It does not surprise me, not in the least, that critics put me in last place. Alas! I am afraid they are only too right... yet at times I feel a great relief at finding some very square traits in my character. Let that be, painting and art in general enchant me. My life does the rest. When a man has achieved something into which he has put all his soul and all that is noblest in him, he always finds a double who understands him, and it is not necessary to have a legion. Is not that all an artist should desire?"

- Camille Pissarro